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Although Direct Wine Cellars is primarily an online shop, the majority of Angelica's client base has grown from the personal connections she's made with restaurants and consumers in the community and her impressive ability to take one on a taste journey before even opening the bottle. With increasing closures and social distancing regulations in place due to the current Covid-19 crisis, Direct Wine Cellars has faced a similar challenge to what many of us are facing, of re-creating personal connections within an increasingly virtual world.


A weekly interactive and authentic Virtual Wine Tasting experience hosted by Angelica Nohra streamed from our Caringbah studio and available for anyone to watch for free on Zoom or on Facebook Live. With a hands-free microphone, Angelica is able to romance through the wines exactly how she would in person. We also incorporated a second camera dedicated to zooming in on each bottle to increase their visibility. To encourage viewer interaction, we incorporated a foldback monitor to display questions live from the audience for Angelica to answer throughout the webinar.


We were able to provide an on-going platform for Wine Cellar Doors to remain connected to their community, as well as reach new individuals, groups, and customers interested in wine tasting and their products. Each week we have seen on average 15% growth in attendee numbers which has subsequently converted to additional online sales. These positive results and feedback have proved that adapting your business model and going virtual can really make a difference.


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