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For a city famed for its live music scene, Melbourne has been devastated with the recent closures of clubs and bars. With the mission of recreating an authentic live club experience on a virtual platform, Lucky Ent teamed up with AV 24/7 to capture and reliably stream a 9-hour live DJ performance through multiple platforms to reach as many listeners as possible.


To recreate the authentic club experience, Digital Events set up 4 separate camera feeds to allow switching between various point of views for the duration of the live stream. We streamed the event through 5 separate live-stream platforms – Zoom, Facebook Live, IGTV, Twitch and YouTube. Our team ensured that both the audio and vision outputs were the highest quality possible to encourage and maintain engagement throughout the event.


Made In Melbourne LIVE reached over 250k people and had over 85k views across the 5 platforms. For 9 hours, 16 DJs were able to perform and create a realistic virtual club experience for their fans not just in Melbourne but around the world. The live-stream recording is available on YouTube and Facebook to allow viewers to re-watch the event an infinite number of times.


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