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Winge And Wine


Having personal success with her private virtual Cabarets at-home, Nico approached Digital Events to help reach a larger audience and add value to the show by using our professional studios to capture and stream her comedy and cabaret performance live to a paying audience.


Using our in-house equipment and studio props, we were able to create the desired "Old Hollywood" look and feel in the studio. We set up three separate camera feeds for our operators to switch from, one close up, one wide angle and one free moving, tracking camera to add dynamic motion and vibrance to her final dance routine. Our streaming platform allowed the paying viewers to login to the stream with a private password and was set up with a custom waiting room design and music.


With the ability to leverage our professional studio and streaming platform, Nico was able to sell 4 x the tickets than expected. She was also able to keep and distribute the recorded copy of the performance and send to any viewers who may have missed the event.


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