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Activities to try during your next event

With the live event industry reigniting in 2022, it’s time to start thinking about what activities you can include during your next event to make it stand out to your attendees. Aside from providing valuable content, it’s more important than ever to also provide entertainment, networking opportunities and experiences in order to keep your attendees engaged.

To help, we’ve put together our favourite event activities that you can incorporate into your next event program:

Treasure hunt / bingo

While this may sound like a children's party game, treasure hunt style activities are a great way to get attendees moving around the event space, and if you make teamwork part of the activity, provide an opportunity for informal networking. These games can be adapted to your event set-up and objectives as well, we’ve listed a few ideas here but there are plenty of other adaptations too:

  • Award a prize for the first person to visit every booth at your expo
  • Create a bingo card focused on networking, with goals such as: find someone working in a different industry to you, find someone born in 1995, find someone with glasses (you get the idea)
  • Hide an item in various places throughout your event and encourage people to find them all. A great example of this being adapted to a virtual setting was during the Australia Open Dectraland event, where attendees were tasked with finding tennis rackets throughout the 3D online world.

Musical ideas

Music is a core part of our lives, and while we all have different tastes when it comes to the style of music we listen to, music is generally a great unifier and can be guaranteed to lift the mood. That’s why music based event activities - such as those listed below - are a big hit with event attendees:

  • Pub Choir: pup choir activities revolve around teaching groups in your audience various parts of a chosen song and then coming together as a group to harmonise as one. This is a great team building and networking event (it also happens to be seriously fun!)
  • Cabaret, DJ and singer/band performances: having a noteworthy performance from a big name is a surefire way to draw interest in your event, bring in more registrations and keep attendees having a great time. However sometimes a big star just isn’t in the budget, another way to create a similar experience, at a lower cost, is a cabaret or DJ set. You can provide a session where the performer is provided stories about your brand, staff, industry or the product you're promoting and turn it into a parody song. This is a fun way to get attendees involved in the event and will provide lots of valuable content that can be shared again later too!

Group classes

Another fun attendee activity is hosting classes that allow your guests to learn a new skill. There are hundreds of different classes that you could run depending on what your attendees prefer, your audience size and style of the event (live or virtual). Some ideas that we’ve seen used with success before include:

  • Fitness classes: whether it’s group yoga, a workout video, a dance routine or a demonstration for proper running techniques, these activities are sure to get your attendees up and moving, and can be a great way to increase energy and revitalise attendees!
  • Culinary classes: a great way to bring attendees together and keep them engaged in your event is to challenge people to a cook off. You could recreate Masterchef and provide ingredients while encouraging attendees to think creatively to make a meal using them, or if their culinary skills aren't up to par, you could get a chef to teach them to prepare a specific meal with guests following along.
  • Cocktail classes: Another similar idea is to host a cocktail making class - these classes are a great way for attendees to relax and network, and can easily be shifted to fit the theme of your event. What started as a cocktail class may turn into a potion making class straight out of Harry Potter or a science laboratory where your attendees experiment with ‘chemicals’ (aka different types of alcohol).  

Selfie/photo activities

A selfie wall or photobooth is a great way to get attendees taking photos at your event. When these photos are shared online it brings more engagement toward your social pages and creates a sense of FOMO to onlookers, who may register for your next event as a result. Along with this, a great way to make attendees feel like a part of the event, is to take a copy of the photoshoot images and display them on venue screens or walls at the event, or have them shown on the live feed for virtual viewers.

Murder mystery activity

A murder mystery activity is perfect for encouraging team work and collaboration between attendees. The basic premise involves creating clues which attendees must use to solve a  murder mystery (the mystery theme can be changed to suit your audience). Guests must work together to find the clues and solve the challenge, also making it a great way to network with other attendees.

Custom creations

Having a custom creations area in your event will get attendees excited for freebies, and provides them with a keep-sake to remind them of your event/ brand whenever they engage with it. What you choose to customise is completely up to you, but should be dependent on your target audience. We’ve seen custom skateboards, t-shirts, chocolate bars, jewellery and so much more where attendees can add their name, change colours or create their own flavour. This is also a great opportunity to work with a sponsor, or to put your branding on an item that attendees will regularly see/use, thus reminding them about your event/brand.  

Feel free to use any of these activities to help elevate your next event. If you've got any other fun and exciting event activation ideas, let us know!

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