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CLIENT: Lucky Ent

We teamed up with Lucky Ent to produce a live-stream of the iconic Melbourne club night 'Made In Melbourne'. For 9 hours straight, Melbourne's best DJs took to the virtual stage to deliver the best tunes straight to the living room of thousands of listeners.

For a city famed for its live music scene, Melbourne was devastated with the closures of clubs and bars. With the mission of recreating an authentic live club experience on a virtual platform, Lucky Ent teamed up with CEG to capture and reliably stream a 9-hour live DJ performance through multiple platforms to reach as many listeners as possible.

To recreate the authentic club experience, CEG set up 4 separate camera feeds to allow switching between various point of views for the duration of the live stream. We streamed the event through 5 separate live-stream platforms – Zoom, Facebook Live, IGTV, Twitch and YouTube. Our team ensured that both the audio and vision outputs were the highest quality possible to encourage and maintain engagement throughout the event.

Made In Melbourne LIVE reached over 250k people and had over 85k views across the 5 platforms. For 9 hours, 16 DJs were able to perform and create a realistic virtual club experience for their fans not just in Melbourne but around the world. The live-stream recording is available on YouTube and Facebook to allow viewers to re-watch the event an infinite number of times.

Virtual Competition


We worked with KIIS FM Radio (101.1 Melbourne) to host a virtual competition giveaway; where viewers could win first class flights to anywhere in the world plus $10,000 spending money. Contestants were to join via zoom and participate in a virtual trivia game. Each contestant would hold up a paddle with either answer A or B to respond to a question, once a question was answered incorrectly our team was to remove them from the call until we were left with a Winner!

Our team at Connected Studios, delivered a pop up studio on-site at the kiss fm head office in Melbourne. Our team provided a custom vMix PC rack along with essential networking hardware and zoom recording PCs, this set up enabled us to record as many options for the editing team as possible, and to link the live studio hosts to the Zoom contestants.

Our event producers provided assistance and guidance from the pre production stage, event day, right through to post production. With our producers working alongside our digital events team and technicians, we were able to utilise each skill set of our CEG team, to bring this production to fruition.

We were able to stream live to hundreds of Kiss FM listeners - turned viewers, and connected 50 contestants to the zoom call. We recorded multiple different zoom galleries including a 25 look, 49 look and a custom gallery view with either the hosts or selected speakers to appear in the middle. We also took a direct camera recording of the entire show.



For the kevin murphy distributor conference, Using our reliable streaming technology we were able to stream the live event in Full HD to over 500 viewers across the AsiaPacific. We featured 4 presenters from around the globe with 2 live presenters in ourPort Melbourne Studios.

Our team at Connected Event Group, custom designed and built a set for the studio event that could translate their brand to their clients which they absolutely loved!

We were able to create smooth transitions between remote speakers by integrating slides and videos provided to us from Keven Murphy, to help create the same aesthetic of their Copenhagen Conference.

Our Digital Events team provided assistance and guidance from start to finish, utilising a range of skill sets that our team have to offer including; project management, scripting, teleprompter operation, event producer, camera operators, rehearsal, sound engineers and more.

Kevin Murphy were able to present their brand in a stylised and professional manner as well as reach a wider audience of distributors by moving their annual conference online and thus keeping the flow of global sales generating.

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