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Tigerlily @ australian open

For the Tigerlily performance at the Australian Open the CEG team were asked to help with creating Tiger’s closing ceremony set.                            

The DJ performance was recorded onto green screen for use as a virtual performance in the Metaverse. A unique challenge we faced during this event was balancing the lighting in the studio to reduce reflections from the green screen. We found that the surface of the DJ decks were reflective and needed to be removed as the green screen reflected back onto them. We also needed to find a suitable work around with lighting so the shot was well lit but carefully redirected around the back-line equipment. With the team's ingenious solutions and thinking we were able to light the shot well and capture Tigerlily giving it her absolute best performance.

Bartender Of The year launch

CLIENT: Sweet and chilli

We worked with Sweet and Chilli; a global drinks agency, to launch Diagio Bar Academy’s 2022 World Class Bartender of The Year Program.

The event kicked off with details on how to enter, the theme for this year's competition for all contestants, followed by an interactive masterclass with the winner from 2021 and the Global Ambassador for Johnnie Walker. The session then followed on with a step by step process of the competition program for contestants not represented by a bar, and finished off with a Live Q & A with World Class Australian ambassador Krystal Hart.

Our team at Connected Studios, delivered a pop up studio on-site at Sweet and Chilli head office in Sydney. We were to pre-record the first component of the program with details on how to enter, as well as live demonstrations in the bar. On this pre-record day, our team provided 2 camera angles, lighting, audio, a teleprompter and a show director. We then edited the pre-record, and streamed it live on the event day before the Q & A. The talent were dressed in the same outfits as the pre-record day, to give it a seamless look. We enabled Q & A questions on our fold back screen during the live presentation to give the host ability to answer the questions at her own pace and to give the live component a more professional transition.

Our event producers provided assistance and guidance from the pre production stage, Pre-recording day, live event day, right through to post production. With our producers working alongside our digital events team and technicians, we were able to utilise each skill set of our CEG team, to bring this production to fruition.

We produced a pop up studio pre-record and video edit to stream virtually in conjunction with a live Q & A on launch day. We were able to record the entire live stream and upload the event recording to Vimeo so the client could then email that out to registrants and collect the data from Vimeo to send to their client Johnnie Walker to keep track of how successful the event was. Using the polling functions on Zoom webinar we were able to ask attendees for feedback on the event content and format which was helpful for the client.

EO Sydney Reimagined Gala


Entrepreneurs' Organisation (EO) Sydney is run by its entrepreneurs members and is part of a global business network of over 12,000 business owners in 173 chapters across 54 countries and the Sydney chapter has over 160.

Each year, the business owners network hosts an annual dinner gala for over 160 members from businesses across Sydney. This gala is a significant event for the chapter as it recognises the handover of it's board members and celebrates the year's achievements and it's members it's inaugural awards ceremony. Due to Covid-19 restrictions on meeting face-to-face, in 2020 the annual gala dinner needed a different approach to a traditional gala dinner. EO Sydney reached out to CEG to help reimagine how they could create a memorable night for their members with the same opportunities as previous years for networking and celebrating, all while adhering to the physical distancing protocols.

The EO Sydney Gala was to be run as a hybrid event spread across 6 of Sydney's very best restaurants. Each venue featured all the elements of a physical event with the addition of large screens in each space for the attendees to watch both a combination of live and pre-recorded content, such as presentations, speaker messages and live awards announcements. Those who could not attend the event were also able to participate and view the virtual event elements from the comfort of their own homes. Additional social integration was achieved by including a post awards live photo gallery stream for all the attendees to view the other members at the separate venues.

By choosing a hybrid model for this event, EO Sydney was able to deliver a memorable experience to over 140 members across 6 venues that featured both physical and virtual elements. By connecting each venue virtually, the gala was able to achieve their desired intimate event feel, all while ensuring inclusivity and connection across their network of members. The post event feedback showed that the guests rated the evening an impressive 9.7/10.

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