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A hybrid event is an event which takes place at a physical location with an added virtual component. It Is the intersection of physical and digital, which has been shown to deliver incredible ROI for companies and organisers. It also maintains the magic of live events while unlocking the boundless reaches of virtual.  

Some of the benefits to running hybrid events are: 

-       Broader audience reach
-       Access to a larger pool of speakers
-       Extending engagement beyond the event day
-       Sustainability and inclusivity
-       Sponsorship opportunities
-       Richer event data and analytics 

Our Approach 

Hybrid events can be complex. In order to execute one successfully, you virtually need to deliver two separate event experiences at once – meaning there are lots of moving parts. This is why it is essential to work with event professionals who have proven experience in hybrid event delivery. Our approach to hybrid events starts by carefully considering the virtual and live audiences - treating both as two distinct yet equally important experiences. We will work closely with you and your team to help design a creative event model that will maximise the connection between these audiences, the speakers and your event goals. Our live production team will assist you with everything audio visual and lighting-related, while helping to carefully design your live stage in order to maximise the visual experience of both audiences. During the event, our producers, project managers and stream directors will carefully choreograph a smooth and unified experience for all, switching seamlessly between live and virtual presenters, as well as the countless other features you choose to integrate into your event. Some of our hybrid event integrations and capabilities include: 

-       Multi-location cross streaming
-       Fully customisable stream design
-       Interactive live and virtual integrations
-       Pre-recorded content production
-       Gamification
-       VirtualEvent Boxes
-       CustomMicrosite streaming platform
-       Creative set design  

For everything you need to know about hybrid events, head to our blog Hybrid: The Future of Events or check out some of our hybrid event case studies.


Thank you for your support and drive to ensure this event was a success for NHP. We certainly felt that this style of engagement with our team is a platform we will utilise more in the future.

- NHP Electrical Engineering Products, on our Hybrid service

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