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Why ceg?

Let’s face it, we’ve all become disconnected; we’ve got more technology than ever before, but we’ve lost the art of connection. In business, if you don’t get noticed or have great customer engagement, you risk losing your customers and eventually your staff. From there, everything else is academic.

We’re here to recreate the art of connection through events and experiences in real life, virtual, hybrid, blended, or in whatever way that’s needed to cut-through. So, if you’re clear on who your audience is and the event outcomes you want, we'll supply the creativity and technology to help you deliver.

Start with outcomes

The world has changed. What worked in the past is no longer the best starting point. Let us know who your audience is and what you’re looking to achieve — we’ll work with you to design the right combination of events and experiences to ensure your message gets cut-though.

Technology at your service

We love technology, but we believe that it should serve us and not the other way around. Many companies become slaves to a particular technological solution, which in our experience, makes it harder for them and their clients. We take the opposite approach and have the ability to design and build complete in-house technology solutions that fit perfectly to our clients’ needs. So, from building Australia’s largest touch screens, to touching hearts and minds through the ‘small screen’ — we’ve got all the tech you’ll ever need to get connected.

Bespoke is better

We love tailoring those little niceties that make our clients the hero. It’s in our attention to detail that you’ll find the ‘Connected’ difference. One small example is when we were able to deploy completely customisable microsites for our clients as they moved to virtual events. We’re committed to making premium solutions, both possible and affordable, for any brand that is serious about creating brilliant experiences.

It's all content

It breaks our heart when we hear of clients running events without capturing all the moments and magic that could help them foster team and customer connections. We design and deliver great events and provide technical support, as well as capture incredible content for sales, marketing, and HR to keep the dream alive, and to keep people engaged all year round!

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Our Promises


Our Connect360TM process encourages a more creative hybrid approach. With Connect360TM, we’ve been able to help some of our clients go 10X (or even better) on a similar budget. Last year, we helped Habitus House of the Year extend their reach from 500 to 1000 people on the event night, and to over fifty thousand in the first month (and counting).



Every solution is tailored specifically to your unique event requirements. We're a big fan of event sustainability, but that doesn't extend to recycling ideas or approaches! We keep innovating new creative solutions to exceed your, and your audience’s, expectations, every time.



We are not sticklers that are trying to catch you out with; ’But you only told us X’, ‘But you only paid for Y’, ‘But you didn’t give us Z’ - we understand that this approach can be incredibly frustrating and result in a transactional relationship. We prefer to partner with our clients and as part of that service, anticipate event and venue challenges upfront, and then do whatever’s needed to ensure every event is 11/10. We go the extra mile to make sure it’s all okay, on the day!

Our Mission


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