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The Conference Collective podcast

Welcome to ‘The Conference Collective', a podcast brought to you by The Professional Conference Organisers Association (PCOA) and hosted by our very own, Libbie Ray. 'The Conference Collective' celebrates the best in innovation and leadership from those who are creating positive change in the business events industry.

This podcast series provides listeners with behind the scenes access to some of the key innovators in our industry as they share their honest and raw insights. It highlights how collaboration, innovation and resilience are at the core of the events industry and the reasons we have managed to survive through the most challenging time our industry has faced. Get ready to learn more about the brave new world of the business events industry.

AUG 28, 2023

Episode 12

How To Make Your Event More Sustainable And Finding Your Purpose With Anne-Marie Quinn

In this episode of The Conference Collective Podcast we welcome Anne-Marie Quinn, Managing Director at All Occasions Group. Anne-Marie shares her experience with discovering a sense of purpose, both personally, and within her business. Anne-Marie further highlights how her environmental beliefs channel into the ways she runs her business and provides guidance and tips on how to run your events more sustainably. Anne-Marie also sheds light on how she fosters growth within her team and is hopeful for the future of the events industry.

NOV 1, 2022

Episode 11

Making the most of your event MC and optimising speaker presentations with Andrew Klein

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Andrew Klein sheds light on how event organisers can create a better conference experience for attendees through changing the traditional agenda timeline and switching to shorter presentation sessions. Andrew also discusses the ways in which an MC can elevate your event and when an MC may not be worth your while.

OCT 17, 2022

Episode 10

Diving into the Metaverse and creating smarter events with Chris Schlueter

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Chris Schlueter sheds light on how businesses can create more engaging events through registration techniques and innovative event features. Chris also discusses the impact that the Metaverse will have on the business event industry going forwards in a digitally switched on world.

OCT 6, 2022

Episode 9

How food can be used to open conversations and reconnect teams with Sharon Natoli

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Sharon Natoli discusses how she helps individuals, teams and leaders build team connection, confidence and culture by running events over food and facilitated conversation. Sharon highlights how opening up conversations, both during events and in the workplace, leads to greater comfort and productivity among attendees and employees.

SEP 20, 2022

Episode 8

How Luna Park overcame the longest closure in its history with Gary Manuel

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Gary Manuel discusses how Luna Park used COVID-19 closures to plan for the expansion of the park. Gary brings to light how Luna Park Venues are coming back to pre Pandemic guest numbers and how they are preparing their venues for the re-emergence of live events.

SEP 6, 2022

Episode 7

How the event industry has adapted to life during and after the pandemic with Adrienne Readings

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Adrienne Readings discusses how the business event industry has shifted towards collaboration in light of some of the hardest years the industry has faced. Adrienne talks about changes that venues have had to put in place and how they are moving forward as Australia opens back up to the live event world.

AUG 25, 2022

Episode 6

Working towards a sustainable future with Professor Veena Sahajwalla

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Professor Veena Sahajwalla sheds light on how we can implement everyday solutions to create a global shift towards sustainability. Professor Sahajwalla discusses her work inventing new recycling processes for materials that conventionally are not recycled and also talks about her sustainability trends for the near future.

AUG 8, 2022

Episode 5

How New Zealand worked together to overcome lockdowns to events with Arna Wahl Davies

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Arna Wahl Davies discusses how lockdowns across New Zealand throughout the Pandemic forced the business events industry to come together and implement new ideas and strategies in order to survive. Arna highlights how this collaboration within the industry has lead to a positive approach to events starting up again and forecasts that this united approach is likely to continue going forwards.

JUL 19, 2022

Episode 4

What it means to be a PCO Councillor with Paula Leishman

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Paula Leishman sheds light on what it means to be a PCO Councillor and how to be a successful event manager. Paula discusses why certification is important and how it helps businesses gain trust within the community.

JUL 6, 2022

Episode 3

The role of event industry bodies with Dr Leo Jago OAM

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Dr Leo Jago OAM reveals how he found himself in his role at BECA and what the OAM process is like. Dr Jago discusses industry staff shortages and how isolations are impacting event teams while sharing his predictions and trends for the future of the business event industry.

Jun 20, 2022

Episode 2

How changes to the aviation industry will impact your event with Matthew Findlay

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Matthew Findlay sheds light on some of the challenges the aviation industry has faced as a result of the Pandemic. Matthew takes us through how these challenges have changed the status quo for the business events industry when it comes to event related travel, and what trends and changes we should expect in the future.

JUN 6, 2022

Episode 1

Journey to becoming a professional event speaker with Michael McQueen

In this episode of ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, Michael McQueen discusses his motivations for joining the business events industry and takes us through his journey to becoming a professional event speaker. Michael sheds light on some of the challenges he has faced throughout his career while sharing his views on current and future trends within the industry.