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Let's be real; it’s hard enough to get people to pay attention in any sort of meeting - it can be even harder to keep attendees engaged when it’s virtual. That's why we constantly look for new ways and technologies to get people together and make sure that they really connect with the content, and each other.

From a simple company live webcast to a full global broadcast, we have all your video streaming solutions covered.

Whether your event is entirely online or in person, virtual and hybrid event streaming services are fantastic for connecting to larger audiences while offering exclusive viewing opportunities.

We understand that event streaming and live webcasting can be a daunting experience, which is why you can trust our experienced technical team with all the details; we employ superior live video streaming technologies to connect you and your audience with the highest possible quality and reliability.

We have all your video streaming solutions covered.

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Virtual Event Technology

In addition to the stream, our advanced live-switching hardware allows us to integrate a full suite of features, bringing together some of the best elements of TV with the ease and affordability of webcasting. Some of the features of our event webcasting services include:

  • Real time camera switching
  • Remote presenters management and virtual greenrooms
  • Picture in picture, split screen or custom layout
  • Presentation slides
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Sponsorship banners

Our clients also have the option to live stream their event from their website of choice, or from our customisable event microsite streaming page. We can help you increase your reach even more by streaming your live webcast through multiple channels.

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