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Case Study

CAREERCON Virtual Expo - The Cool Career 2020

The Challenge

The Cool Career is Australia's premier provider of career networking events, advice and information for Gen Z and Y girls. The team came to us with the ambitious idea to run a free two-day virtual careers expo called CAREERCON.

The Solution

We provided a suite of customisable virtual solutions to ensure the viewers were able to remain actively engaged throughout the live 2-day, virtual event. Some of these solutions included live chat and Q&A available across the blend of masterclasses, panel discussions and speakers' presentations. 

The event’s audience was predominantly digital natives, which was a significant consideration for  our production team and meant that optimising the visual and audio elements for every section of the event was particularly important. Some of these optimisations included a user-friendly registration page, visually appealing streaming and break pages, upbeat music, high quality content integration, and live polling. 

Maintaining an engaging pace between sessions and throughout the event was another core focus for our team. This involved vigilant speaker management through virtual green rooms and expert content management from our Sydney based control room.

The Results

CAREERCON was able to offer a unique environment for young graduates to learn from and interact with a number of successful leaders which is why throughout the event, over 200 unique viewers' questions were asked while the streaming page reached nearly 35 thousand viewer minutes.



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