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Your First Step In Creating A Seamless And Memorable Online Event.

Example of a microsite

Remove the stress out of hosting your event online and elevate your attendee experience with a customised event microsite.

A custom microsite is a branded online webpage (or pages) that is created to function as a central location for your online event. It can also simply be used a space to host your video-on-demand or serve as a communication hub to deliver any pre- and post-event resources.

Our custom microsites are designed with the attendee in mind, offering a user friendly and personalised space to maximise the visitor experience throughout every stage of the virtual event.

Some of the features we can provide for your branded event microsite include:

  • Pre-event content marketing
  • Registration portal
  • Pre-event landing and countdown page
  • Login page
  • Streaming page
  • Post-event video and content hosting

maximise the visitor experience throughout every stage of the virtual event

Registration PAge

  • A unique URL will be created to direct attendees to the custom landing and registration page.
  • Landing page features can include additional information regarding the event, pre-event marketing material or a simple a countdown clock.
Microsite registration page
Microsite login page

Login PAge

  • Upon registering, guests will receive a second email with a private password and link to the event streaming page.
  • Once logged in, attendees will be directed to either a custom waiting room, or the live event streaming page if the event has already started.

Streaming Page

  • Attendees will be able to view the live event once they have logged in using their private passcode.
  • On this page we can integrate features such as live polling, Q&A and chat.
  • Additional features include social media integration, guest or sponsorship banners and lower third graphics.
Microsite streaming page
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