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Case Study

The School Report Broadcast Series 2024 - Sydney Catholic Schools

The Challenge

Throughout 2023 and 2024, Connected Event Group has been collaborating with Sydney Catholic Schools to produce a new broadcast series for their online platform called “The School Report”. The series aims to shine a spotlight on all things that matter most to the Sydney Catholic Schools community and is hosted by Tony Farley and Jacqueline Frost.

The Solution

To bring each episode to life we traveled to various schools and locations across Sydney, creating pop up studios with our cameras, lights, control and audio equipment. Each recording session was conducted in the same format as a live broadcast event, with studio lighting, scripts and teleprompters, set design, live camera edits and no stop/starting. 

This setup allowed Sydney Catholic Schools to get the full effect of a live TV show, while giving them the luxury of time to plan and prepare the episodes. As the content was pre-recorded, the client was also able to add additional content, such as assets and graphics from their marketing department, into the final edit post shoot day. Pre-recording the episodes also allowed Sydney Catholic Schools the flexibility of coordinating the release dates with notable events in the school calendar, in order to enhance the impact of the series. 

To reduce the edit time required, our team was able to complete live cuts and edits on the day. This drastically reduced the required post-record editing time usually required, as there was no need to go through hours of footage from 3 separate cameras. Furthermore, using this style of editing meant we were able to provide Sydney Catholic Schools with the final footage within a faster time frame. 

The Results



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