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Case Study

Bell Potter 2023

Our long-term and successful collaboration with Bell Potter Securities, involves the regular setup of a pop-up broadcast studio at their Sydney CBD office every quarter. This facilitates the filming and broadcasting of a multi-day virtual event tailored for their clients and shareholders, much like the recently executed Environmental Conference 2023 and the Foundations: Real Estate Conference 2023, both run in November. 

The Challenge

As a leading full service Australian stockbroking and financial advisory firm, it’s important for Bell Potter to be able to create value for their clients. These quarterly virtual conferences allow Bell Potter to bring together a range of industry leaders to discuss and explore a wide range of insights within the various industries they invest in, to Bell Potter clients and shareholders. 

The Solution

To support these quarterly virtual conferences, the Connected Event Group team set up dedicated custom microsites where registered attendees can not only access the virtual event stream, but engage with the content and ask questions of the presenters. Using a custom-built event microsite means we can easily navigate between pre-recorded and live content, switch between viewing windows to optimise speakers or presentations, and regularly display the conference schedules. All to create a seamless viewing experience for attendees. 

Every quarter, we convert one of Bell Potter’s meeting rooms into the primary studio space to utilise their incredible harbour views as the studio backdrop. All of the required cameras and studio lighting are moved into this space, along with a custom-made presenter’s desk, with programmable LED lights. Bell Potter kindly surrender another meeting room to become our temporary control room; filled with screens, technical support equipment and a number of technicians. 

We work closely with all of Bell Potter’s talented presenters - both in-person at the pop-up studio and online - conducting technical checks before the event to ensure an uninterrupted stream once the events are live. We also offer support to all of Bell Potter’s virtual event attendees with a dedicated technical support helpline.

The Results

We have been working with Bell Potter since 2020, creating flawless events where high level insights and industry philosophies are shared with attendees. While Bell Potter originally conducted these events in-person, upon swapping to a virtual format, they have managed to connect with a much wider audience. They are also able to share the content captured during the events with their clients. 



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