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How to Make Your Live Streaming More Professional

March 16, 2023

Live streaming is here to stay. Even in the post-pandemic world, live stream events are integral to many companies' digital marketing strategies. According to Zippia, live streaming content generates 27% more viewership than on-demand content. 

It’s way more interactive than on-demand video content, but other factors come into play in ensuring the success of your live streaming. One of them is the video quality. The same report from Zippia details that 67% of viewers believe that video quality is vital in choosing whether to watch a live stream. 

So, what does this mean for your business when you are hosting live streaming events? First, aim for professional-quality live streams to attract more viewers. 

Setting Up Professional Live Streaming

Before starting to live stream, it's essential to plan. Proper planning and organization are critical to making your live stream stand out and appear professional. 

The first step is to choose your live streaming platform. You have plenty of options whether you want a free or paid platform. Among the popular streaming platforms are Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube Live. Each platform has unique features, so it's vital to pick the right platform to suit your audience and content. There are also different target audiences for each platform that you must consider in choosing the right platform. 

Next is to invest in quality audio visual equipment. Douls you be going to do many live stream events, it's a good idea to invest in the equipment to ensure that you can ensure professional-quality audio and video during your presentation. But if not, you can find an audio visual supplier who can provide you with professional-quality equipment for your live streaming. The right equipment can make a world of difference in the quality of your content, regardless of the platform you choose.

It would help to have a reliable internet connection for your live stream. It's unprofessional to host a live stream and then give your audience a poor viewing experience since your stream keeps buffering and lagging during the recording of the event. Therefore, ensure you have a speedy and reliable internet connection during your live stream. It's also best to have a backup connection in case of a network failure. It ensures you can have an uninterrupted live streaming experience for your audience. 

Make your live stream stand out and appear professional. 

Additional Tips for a Professional Live Stream

Take note of these additional strategies to help your organization deliver professional live streaming to your audience.

1. Make your background visually appealing.

Choose or set up a visually appealing background. Remember that your live stream is visible to thousands – potentially millions – of people, depending on the reach of your audience. Therefore, you want to maintain your organizational reputation by choosing a professional and visually appealing background.

Think about the theme of your event and your target audience. Use it as a guide in choosing the ideal background. On the other hand, avoid using a background that is too vibrant or colorful. You want to keep your audience's attention on your live stream, instead of being distracted by the background.

2. Always focus on content first.

While it’s good to focus on the technical aspect of your live stream, such as the audio visual aspect, pay attention to the quality of the content. Always focus on delivering quality content because it’s what your live stream is about.

Do your research on the specific topic you want to discuss during the live stream. Also, think of ways to interact and promote engagement with your audience. Come up with new ideas to pique their interest and keep them engaged until the end of your live stream.

3. Hire a professional live stream host.

You can tap into someone from your organization to host the live stream. However, if they're uncomfortable, hiring a professional host with plenty of live streaming experience is also a good idea.

An experienced host can make a difference in your interaction and promote engagement with your audience. Moreover, it's a worthy investment since you can generate more live stream views and build website traffic. 

Professional host with plenty of live streaming experience.

4. Perform a test run.

Ensure you have a professional and engaging live stream by conducting a test run before the event. Remember that it is a live stream, and you only have one shot at getting it right. But that does not mean you cannot practice beforehand. 

Write a script for the live stream and have the host give it a test run. The test run lets you tweak the entire script to make it more engaging. Use this opportunity to identify areas where you can improve your live stream since you won’t be able to do that once the event goes live.

And when your live stream event is done, keep gathering ideas and feedback from your audience. Encourage them to share their opinion so you can find ways to improve in the future. You can also check the post-streaming analytics to assess if you've hit your live streaming goals. Then, use the analytics and insights you get from your live stream to ensure you can make the necessary improvements on your next event. 

5. Have a backup plan.

Live events, such as live streaming, can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is always best to come up with a backup plan. 

For example, there is a sudden power failure or an unsteady internet connection before you’re about to go live. You need a contingency plan for these events, no matter how unlikely they may happen. It will ensure you can continue your live stream, especially if your audience expects you to go live.

The Bottom Line

Planning and hosting a successful live stream event takes time and effort. Even if you’ve been doing live streaming for your business for a long time, it’s a continuous process that entails learning and improvement. However, with the help of a trusted audio visual supplier and team, you can simplify setting up a quality and professional live stream.  

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