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Why Sydney Event Studios Are Ideal for Podcast Productions

October 9, 2023

Podcasts are the next big thing in the multimedia production landscape. Almost everyone, whether a celebrity or not, is starting a podcast! Many people are taking advantage of the growing podcast audience base and setting up their own podcast production in Sydney. It is a great way to build another income stream at home or in a studio while discussing various topics, from entertainment to politics or true crime.

If you are hosting a podcast, setting up a podcast room is crucial. But should you DIY it, or hire a podcast production studio in Sydney? This guide explores the options you have and the pros and cons of each.

Podcast production is access to recording equipment

Essentials for a Great Podcasting Room

Before you decide if you need to hire an event studio for your podcast production, you must first know the characteristics of a great podcasting room. You should consider these characteristics because they can impact the quality of your podcasts. It is a significant investment that could pay off big in the long run if you want to stand out and build a successful podcast with many listeners.

Whether you build one or hire a professional studio, these are essential qualities to look for in a podcasting studio. 

1. Acoustics Quality

The difference between a traditional podcast and a professionally done one is the space. Many starting-out podcasters think that as long as they have a space at home, such as a basement, they can use that to record their podcasts. 

But any space just won't cut it. You might have a spare bedroom or a basement, but these rooms do not necessarily provide the best acoustic performance for podcast recording. For example, if the reverberation of acoustics is not good it could lead to low-quality audio performance. 

Consider the sound quality of the room before choosing it for a podcast setup. Ideally, the room should be minimally affected by external noise. For example, you should not be able to hear the noise from the next room or the nearby street. 

If you go the DIY route, you can soundproof the walls in your room or basement. Installing soundproof foam panels on the walls will help absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing around the room. It will also help to dull any sound coming from the outside, which limits interference with your audio recording. 

2. Recording Equipment

Another important consideration when setting up or choosing an event studio for podcast production is access to recording equipment. To build your own podcast studio, you must equip the room with essential audio and recording equipment, such as a computer, microphone, microphone stands, headphones, podcast recording software,  and an audio interface. Choose high-quality recording equipment for the best audio quality. 

You don’t have to worry about buying your equipment if you rent an event studio for your podcast production. Plus, you can ensure access to professional-quality equipment. 

3. Podcast Editing Software

Once you have recorded your podcast, you need editing software to create the final product ready for publishing. Editing is one of the most complex parts of recording a podcast, but it ensures the best results. Reliable podcast editing software allows you to adjust the volume levels, remove any background noise, and slice the recording for the intros and outros. You can even slice the clips to incorporate the ads if you have an established podcast series. 

Much podcast editing software is available, so take the time to research your options. You can choose the software based on flexibility, pricing, and its features. 

Setting up a dedicated podcast room is a challenging feat. Setting up everything requires time, money, and effort to help you record high-quality podcasts that people will want to listen to! If you don’t have a spare bedroom or basement to convert into a podcast studio at home, you can turn to event studio rentals for your podcast recording.

Podcast production editing.

The Benefits of Using an Event Studio for Podcast Production in Sydney

Renting an event studio for your podcast production is an excellent alternative to the DIY setup. You won't need to do much work setting it up; you can get on with the recording process immediately.

These are the benefits of choosing an event studio for your podcast production in Sydney:

Renting an event studio is cost-efficient. While it might appear contradictory, renting a studio is more budget-friendly since you can start recording immediately. There is no need to incur the high expense of buying professional podcasting equipment and soundproofing a room in your house. These costs could easily add up, meaning renting a studio can be more cost-efficient. 

  • Aside from saving you money, renting a studio for your podcast production in Sydney can also save you time. As mentioned, you won’t need to take care of the audio equipment setup, and you can show up to the studio to do the recording. You're saving valuable time, and it lets you record more podcast episodes in the same amount of time!
  • You can access professional equipment and software. Buying the equipment and podcast editing software entails a sizeable initial investment, which can be a burden on your budget if you’re new to podcasting. An event studio offers everything you need for a fraction of the cost. 
  • Professional and technical support is readily available. If there are any issues with the recording equipment or software, the event studio can provide technical help and support without additional cost on your part. You can focus on planning and recording your podcast episode, and the studio manager will maintain the equipment or fix it (if there are technical issues). 

Hire a Professional Studio or DIY Setup: Which is Best?

Choosing between an event studio in Sydney versus a DIY setup for your podcast depends on your needs and preferences. If you are new to podcasting, you can get away with a DIY setup. However, investing in an event studio offering professional equipment and editing software is essential to delivering clear and professional podcasts. 

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