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Immersive Dining Experience 2024 - Herman Miller Australia

We recently partnered with global furniture design company Herman Miller Australia, to create an immersive dining experience, aiming to engage clients in a unique and memorable way. The result is an incredibly unique event that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology, a gourmet menu, and the rich history of Herman Miller to create a mesmerising experience.

The Challenge

The primary goal of the event was to foster meaningful connections and conversations amongst Herman Miller clients while highlighting the brand's legacy, innovation, and design philosophy. 

The Solution

The event took place in a carefully curated dark room, transformed by our strategically placed drapes, projectors and screens, that served as canvases for an array of captivating content. The dining table stood at the centre, surrounded by walls that came alive with dynamic visuals, transporting attendees through the evolution of Herman Miller.

The dinner was meticulously choreographed, with each course accompanied by a specific set of visuals and videos projected onto the walls. From content sharing Herman Miller's values and principles, through to showcasing their most iconic designs.

Between courses, attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives, fostering an environment conducive to networking. The immersive setting served as a catalyst for conversations that extended beyond the dinner table, strengthening the bonds among clients and creating a sense of community.

The Results

Attendees not only gained a deeper understanding of the brand but also formed meaningful connections with fellow architects and designers. The event showcased Herman Miller's commitment to pushing boundaries, not only in design but also in creating unparalleled experiences that resonate with their clientele. By seamlessly integrating technology, storytelling, and culinary science, the event went beyond conventional networking, providing a truly immersive journey into the heart of Herman Miller's legacy.

We love a creative brief and a client, like Herman Miller, who is brave enough to try something new and trust us to deliver on their vision.



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