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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Wayfinding Solution for Your Event?

July 12, 2023

When you have a big event, it usually comes with a large crowd. And when there is a large crowd, navigating their way through the venue becomes increasingly difficult. Make it easy and convenient for your event participants by providing them with adequate wayfinding solutions. 

Wayfinding technology has come a long way in the past ten years. With access to advanced technologies, wayfinding solutions have become more interactive and immersive to engage audiences and give them more control to access the information they need. 

Why Do You Need a Wayfinding Solution for Events?

Every element of your event can impact the audience and attendees' perception of the organization that runs it. Therefore, it is crucial for brands and companies organizing events to ensure they provide a seamless experience for the attendees. One example of that is to improve the wayfinding capabilities at your event. Even something as simple as knowing where to enter the event venue or where to find the booths for the event showcase can make a significant impact. On the other hand, if your event venue is hard to navigate and makes the audience feel like they’re in an endless maze, then you have already failed in the goal of your event.

Organizations must anticipate the wayfinding challenges in a venue, which requires a complete understanding of the event venue layout. Put yourself in your audience's shoes and anticipate physical challenges within the spaces so that you can make the right improvements that facilitate ease of getting around.

Aside from enhancing the overall attendee experience, wayfinding solutions for events are necessary for better crowd management. Dealing with a large crowd can be challenging without proper guidance. Frequent bottlenecks and congestion could happen, even for the queue entering the venue. Wayfinding solutions enable event attendees to manage their way around the venue, significantly minimizing congestion and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. 

The next benefit of incorporating wayfinding solutions includes branding opportunities for the event organizer. Whether using mobile apps or digital signage displays, you can use these platforms to reinforce your brand and highlight key messaging.

These circumstances necessitate wayfinding solutions, so you should use the technologies available to create a positive and lasting impression on your audience. 

Benefit of incorporating wayfinding solutions.

Types of Wayfinding Solutions for Events

Before you choose the right wayfinding solution for events, here is an overview of the current systems available.

Traditional Signage

Traditional signage remains an effective and popular wayfinding solution for smaller events. These are well-designed and strategically placed for maximum visibility. Traditional signage examples include directional signs, floor decals, etc.

Digital Signage

Digital displays are advanced wayfinding solutions that provide dynamic content, such as interactive maps, real-time navigation, and other high-tech displays. They can also display branded content and are placed at key locations at the venue, such as entrances and registration areas.

QR Codes

QR codes offer a cost-effective solution for events that you can integrate into mobile apps developed for events. They reduce the need for physical and traditional signage, increasing cost-effectiveness. 

Mobile Apps

Some companies develop apps with wayfinding capabilities specific to an event. It simplifies navigation and access to information, such as event schedules and exhibitors, and can also be set up to provide alerts. 

Mobile app wayfinding solution.

How to Choose a Wayfinding Solution

Choosing a wayfinding solution for your event entails considering the following factors to ensure the best match for your requirements. 

Event Goal

Wayfinding solutions are vital to the overall customer experience at an event. Before you shop around for a wayfinding provider or partner, consider the overall goal for the event. If your goal is to facilitate ease of navigation at the venue, you can achieve this with the help of providers that offer point-to-point navigation. But if you desire a more holistic experience, an enterprise wayfinding solution might provide what you need. 

Event Size/Size of Crowd

Consider the size of the venue and the crowd in choosing a wayfinding solution for an event. Some venues are more complex than others, as your audience has to deal with multiple floors or sections. You'll require a more advanced wayfinding solution for these venues, such as digital signage and mobile apps. But for smaller crowds and venues, traditional signage would suffice. 

Attendee Profile

The type of audience for your event could also dictate your event wayfinding solution requirements. Younger audiences are more tech-savvy, so they prefer to get wayfinding information from an app which offers interactive and real-time navigation capabilities. But if your audience is non-tech-oriented, you might be better off with traditional digital signage.


The event budget also largely dictates the wayfinding solutions you employ for your event. You will find various options across a wide range of budgets. Digital signages and mobile apps are more costly than traditional signs. Before you opt for the more expensive solution, you must evaluate the costs and value associated with those costs. 

Information to Be Displayed

The type of information you wish to display on your wayfinding solutions can also determine the best fit for your event. A different solution is available whether you are to display text, images, or both. Some wayfinding solutions are more interactive, with 3D displays available. Choose the right solution to match your needs and those of your audience. 


A feature-rich wayfinding solution is ideal for event organizers, especially companies organizing these events. The best features available in modern wayfinding systems include interactive maps, real-time navigation, event management, and personalized scheduling. These features greatly enhance the user experience for event attendees, making them feel like the information is readily available. 


Many companies that organize events like to use wayfinding solutions as an opportunity to further their brand. Look for solutions that enable you to incorporate your brand and relevant aesthetics (such as adding your logo or using your brand colors) to maximize the visual appeal and support the brand message of your event. 

You can get more flexibility with branding in advanced wayfinding solutions, such as mobile apps and digital signage displays, than previously available with traditional signage solutions. 

Support and Maintenance

Consider the level of support required for your chosen wayfinding system. Ensure your team has adequate technical expertise to support the system in case of minor or significant troubleshooting needs. Ideally, you want wayfinding solutions that don't require third-party assistance, but if you can find a provider that includes support and maintenance, that would be ideal. 


Choosing the best wayfinding solution for your events is crucial to the overall success of the event. You want to ensure a seamless navigation experience for attendees to ensure their safety, security, and ability to maximize the features of the event. Use these tips to find the best wayfinding solution that matches your requirements. 

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