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Event Podcasting in Sydney: A Thriving Industry

October 9, 2023

Live events have changed since the pandemic, and so have how event planners market them to attract larger audiences.

As the event industry becomes increasingly dynamic, it is essential to adapt as the conventional marketing channels are highly saturated. Exploring new and unique marketing methods and channels is crucial to stand out. Event podcasting in Sydney studio shines in this regard. It provides audiences new ways to engage with their preferred content and for brands and event planners to maximize the reach of the event.

What is Event Podcasting?

Event podcasting is a powerful marketing channel you can leverage to maximize your event reach and drive home your event message to the intended audience. Podcasting provides another channel wherein you can offer your content to your audience, even for those who could not physically attend the event.

Podcasting is a fast-growing multimedia format with a rapidly expanding audience. It is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and to provide on-demand content that helps you achieve the purpose of your event.

It is also an excellent platform to establish your authority in the industry. When you host a podcast, your audience values your opinion since the audience will look at you as a thought leader or a field expert. You can use your podcast to differentiate yourself from your competitors and establish a trusted relationship with your audience. 

Since podcasts are audio-only, they are far more intimate and engaging. And that's why it is best to repurpose your event content to tap into a broader audience base.

Event podcasting in Sydney studio

The Sydney Podcasting Scene

Sydney is one of the major cities in the world, not just in Australia, and it is a haven for the podcasting industry. In recent years, it has transformed into a vibrant hub for podcasting with impressive growth trends. 

In Sydney, the growing podcasting scene reflects the global popularity of podcasting. The Sydney podcasting scene covers various genres and topics, such as true crime, politics, and arts. Therefore, there is something for everyone in the industry. The city’s rich diversity contributes to the vast array of voices and cultural perspectives embedded within the identity of the city.

The thriving Sydney podcast industry consists of a diverse community of podcasters and content creators, many of whom have gained a massive following in Sydney and beyond. The community of podcasters include media organisations, podcast production companies, and individual or independent creators. There is a strong podcast community in Sydney, many of whose members have massive influence among their listeners. Sydneysiders love listening to these podcasts to gain expert insight into community topics, connect with the community, and enrich the local culture.

However, the thriving podcast industry in Sydney is not unique to the city. Australians enjoy podcasts; they even lead the global statistics in podcast listening as of January 2023. In 2020, one in four Australians listened to podcasts. And in the same year, nine of ten are familiar with podcasts. As of 2022, Australia has overtaken the US as the world's biggest podcast-listening audience based on a survey in the Australian Podcasting Industry Trends

An exciting insight into the Australian podcasting listening demographic is that the country's highest share of podcast listeners are those aged 18 to 24. The next most significant share of podcast listenership is the 25 to 39 age range. Even though the younger age group dominates the share of the audience listening to podcasts in Australia, it's worth noting that those belonging to the older age group are increasing. As a result, it has created a diverse array of podcasting topics and genres because it enables podcasters to attract a broader audience base. 

Vital Podcasting Statistics in Sydney and Australia

The numbers don’t lie. Australians and Sydneysiders love podcasts. They consume them daily, and more people are listening to podcasts in Sydney than ever before.

These are vital statistics that show how much this industry has grown:

The total share of Australians listening to podcasts is 43% (versus 42% in the US). Source: Edison Research

  • The number of Australians listening to podcasts has grown by 3% within one year. Source: Edition Research
  • The average Australian spends one hour and 54 minutes weekly listening to podcasts. Source: Edison Research
  • An average of 60% of Australians listen to podcasts to get diverse perspectives. Source: APO
  • The most popular podcast categories in Australia are specialist podcasts (15%), followed by lifestyle (12%) and news (11%). Source: APO
  • About 43% of podcast listeners below 34 in Australia are willing to pay to listen to podcasts. Source: APO
podcast listening in Sydney

Benefits of Event Podcasting

Now that you understand the extent of podcast listening in Sydney and Australia, it's essential to look at things on the other side of the equation: podcasters. 

Given the massive potential to reach your audience through event podcasting, there are many advantages you can enjoy by using this platform. For brands and businesses, event podcasting is a goldmine of opportunity to bolster your marketing reach. It will also inspire you to develop content ideas catering to target your audience.

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool to promote local events. You can use your podcast episodes to promote the event and boost publicity. Sydney is known for its vibrant culture, so you can leverage that to attract an audience to your event. 

Another way that event podcasting is beneficial is the opportunity to engage with your local community. If you are a brand and have an upcoming local event in Sydney, podcasting helps build up interest in your event. You can use this platform to discuss relevant topics that align with your event purpose, making your audience interested. Leverage this platform to engage your target audience through listener-driven content, increasing audience participation, and inviting guests to interviews your audience would be interested in. Podcasting is an incredible opportunity to provide your event attendees with insight into what the event will be like. 

Final Thoughts

The future of event podcasting in Sydney is looking bright. There is so much potential that brands and individuals can take advantage of, especially if you want to use the platform to promote your Sydney events. 

However, the only way you can leverage the power of this platform is to establish social connections and trust with your audience. You can use that to contribute to the local podcasting scene and attract larger audiences to your event. Consider the quality of your podcast recording and content. If you don't have a dedicated studio, it's a brilliant idea to do podcasting in a Sydney studio to access professional-quality equipment that delivers concise and clear recordings. 

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