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The Role of Event Planners in Sydney: Bringing Visions to Life

August 11, 2023

Live production makes for an exciting event. But it is also highly challenging for the event planners and organisers. So many things can go wrong, especially in the audio visual department. If you want to take your corporate event or live production to the next level, you need professional audio visual and event production in Sydney to transform your vision into reality. 

How to Use AV to Enhance Event Production in Sydney

Event production in Sydney entails many audio visual components to ensure you can provide the best audience experience. We have collected tips to cover all the bases and deliver an excellent production.

1. Find a suitable audio visual and event production team in Sydney.

First, you should start your event production planning by finding the best audio visual supplier for your event. Choose a company that balances price, reliability, and service. Considering these factors, you can ensure that you have a quality audio visual company.

But while the technical aspects of finding an AV supplier are essential, you should also look for creativity. The technologies are now within your reach, but you should find a provider to make your event stand out creatively. Without creative talent, your access to AV technology will be under-utilised. Technology is now commonplace in the industry, but creativity is still rare. 

When vetting audio visual companies for your next event production in Sydney, ask to look at their portfolio of work. Ensure they have the right creative approach to bring your visions to life.

Sydney event production AV supplier.

2. Make your event vision known.

Once you have picked your audio visual supplier, the next step is communicating your vision. Make it known to your supplier what you aspire to achieve. If possible, you can provide them with visual aids and inspiration to give them an idea of what you are going for. Translating your ideas into concrete examples will help them achieve the tone and aesthetic you want for the event.

At the same time, encourage the audio visual supplier you’re working with to share their ideas and interpretation of your desired theme. It will give you insight into how they interpret your ideas to ensure you are on the same page. This explains why you should prioritise finding an AV partner with creative talent. 

3. Ask a lot of questions.

When discussing your creative ideas for the event production, it is best to ask many questions. The more questions you ask, the more information you can get. It also allows you to discuss the various aspects of event planning.

The first question is this: what is the budget? The scope and scale of the event will determine the audio visual requirements, but you should also consider the budget. You can tweak your audio visual setup and design based on what your budget allows without compromising on the desired effect.

Another question to ask is: what is your goal for the event? The approach and audio visual components used will vary if you plan a fundraiser versus a corporate event. You can implement a more elaborate audio visual setup for the latter, as it can impact your company brand and reputation. Also, you want to impress event attendees and your stakeholders or corporate partners. But if it’s a fundraiser, you can choose a more straightforward setup and focus on increasing engagement and audience participation.

Designating a team to make critical decisions in your event production is best. You should give the team members autonomy to develop ideas and decide on the AV setup for the event.

4. Conduct a site visit.

Before the event, the audio visual team should visit the event venue to conduct an ocular inspection. The audio and visual requirements of an event will largely depend on the size and acoustic conditions of the venue. Therefore, you must assess the venue before the event to plan your AV setup accordingly.

During the site visit, you should check the dimensions of the room to plan the AV setup correctly. Watch for potential obstructions in the room that could interfere with the audio and visual performance. Aside from the setup and the scale, check where and how you can place the AV equipment to deliver optimal performance and facilitate the event flow. Avoid placing your AV equipment somewhere in the traffic flow, as attendees could accidentally knock items over.

You should ask the venue manager about the available broadband bandwidth on-site. It's a crucial consideration if you plan to live stream the event. You want to ensure adequate bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted event streaming. In addition, you can use the site visit to check what equipment is available at the venue to determine what equipment you need to supply. 

Audio visual team checking event venue.

5. Consider your audience and the venue ambiance.

Planning an interactive and immersive audio visual experience for your audience involves considering the event ambiance and your audience profile. Will you need specialty lighting for the event? How can you improve the sound quality? Consider the overall ambiance of the venue to complement the experience and deliver an impactful experience. 

Think about your audience, too. Do you have a younger audience, or do they consist of professionals? The type of audience you have for the event will also determine your audio visual setup and the technology you use to enhance interactivity. 

Final Thoughts

All event planners and organisers in Sydney aspire to deliver a seamless and immersive experience for the audience. Therefore, you must be flexible enough to adapt your approach to using audio visual technology and equipment to suit the needs of the event. 

Working with an audio visual and event production Sydney company allows you to get professional and expert insights into the process. Leverage their expertise to meet the event expectations and achieve your goals. Whether it’s an intimate event or a major one consisting of thousands of attendees, it requires proper synchronization from the audio visual team and event planners to run seamlessly from start to finish. 

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