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Transformative Impact: How AV Enhances Corporate Presentations

December 13, 2023

Most humans learn faster and better through the visual sense. While humans vary in how they absorb, process, and recall information, about 65% of people need to see what they are learning. And this makes sense, as the human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. The popularity of TikTok videos captures the essence of immersive visual experiences; they capture the attention of viewers, even those with a short attention span. Moreover, this also explains why TED Talks speakers use clickers – to make their talks and presentations more effective. This is the power of visual learning. Impactful visuals help speakers communicate their ideas better; they help them convey their message effectively no matter what type of audience they are speaking to.

If you have been to a conference or attended a TED talk, you will notice that the most memorable presenters are the ones who brought audio and visuals onto the stage. These elements make presentations more engaging and memorable. But why is it? And how can audio and visuals (AV) improve your corporate presentations?

AV Grab Attentions and Keeps It

As said earlier, humans have short attention spans. While naturally curious, today's society is riddled with information about anything and everything. With that said, the brain doesn't pay attention to uninteresting things. Research shows that the peak interest of the audience lasts about 10 minutes. This then drops significantly depending on the audience, the content of the presentations, and the communication style/skill of the speaker. This is why most lectures last about 15 to 20 minutes. 

Visual aids, on the other hand, grab and keep interest longer, especially when the brain is feeling fatigued. Think of AV as adrenaline shots – it captures the waning attention span and re-energises the people in the room. It helps the brain receive and process complex information. 


AV company presentation.

AV Makes Complex Ideas Easier to Understand

Each person processes information differently. Visual aids like infographics make complex and data-heavy presentations much more digestible. 

Visual Presentations Builds Emotional Bridges

It sounds cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures make people see things words cannot fully express. Visual aids give presenters a unique way to connect with their audience. 

Visuals Help Audience Retain Information Better

When presenting, you want your audience to leave the room and remember what you said to them. Impactful visuals will improve your chances of that by up to 6 times. Research shows that only 10% of people recall what they heard from an oral presentation, while 35% remember things from a visual presentation.

Keeps You On Track

Visuals aren’t only for the audience; they also help the speaker. 

Prepping for a big speech can be overwhelming. Many factors can affect your live presentation, so it is crucial to deliver the message the way you intend to. The last thing you want is to miss important parts of your presentation. Visuals will help you stay on track as they can work as your visual cues. They can help organise your talking points, help you avoid rambling things off-topic, and even jog your memory.

Live corporate presentation.

Tips And Strategies

Here are some tips and strategies to help you maximise the power of AV to elevate your corporate presentations to the next level. 

Prep Your Presentation

They say preparation is the mother of success. It couldn't be more applicable in presentations. Whether you are preparing for a small group of people or a large audience, it is essential to take time to plan and practise your presentation. It will help you feel more confident in front of them.

Research, research, and research

Thoroughly research the topic and choose the appropriate audio and visuals for it. Start by outlining your presentation. From there, you can gather data and facts and use them as the foundation of your presentation.

Build it

Now that you have all the necessary information, organise everything in a single file. You can create an outline showing the header for each section for easy referencing and uninterrupted flow of your presentation. 

Gather Your AV

There are plenty of platforms online that can help you assemble your audio and visuals for your presentations. What is great about these tools is they usually come with themes and backgrounds that you can use based on your audience and the subject of your presentation. 

Choose the Right Audio and Visual Components

While audio and visuals have the power to grab and retain information, you don’t need to bombard your presentation with AV. Make sure to choose the most appropriate and relevant components for your presentation. They should emphasise your message and help you stay on track in your presentation.

Moreover, avoid using generic clip art and images. Instead, opt for high-quality images. You can also consider diagrams and infographics to present your data and statistics.

From here, you can also add animations and improve your transitions. If you are trying to show real-life examples, use high-quality video clips. 

Add some pizzazz to your presentation with a brief audio clip, sound effects, or background music.

Lastly, keep it simple. The goal of your presentation is to make people remember the message you are trying to convey. Don’t let AV overshadow that. Make AV support your message.

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